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Title: take your time cause you’re up against space (7/7)

Author: [livejournal.com profile] emmajane14

Rating: R

Fandom/Pairing: Suits, Mike/Harvey (finally)

Summary: The briefs should take Mike an hour and a half, but he manages to finish them up in forty five minutes.

The briefs should take Mike an hour and a half, but he manages to finish them up in forty five minutes. It’s possibly the longest fourty five minutes of his life. Time cannot seem to go quick enough and Mike needs to know what’s going to happen at lunch.

Mike isn’t sure whether to expect a personal lunch or a working lunch, so he pauses a little awkwardly at the door to Harvey’s office, briefs in hand.

Harvey doesn’t look up from his computer, but beckons Mike inside with a hand. Mike sits on the couch, nervously perched on the edge with no idea what to expect. It’s several minutes before Harvey acknowledges Mike’s presence and when he finally does, Mike twitches under his gaze.

“Briefs finished?” Harvey looks a little skeptical of the speed at which Mike seems to have completed them so Mike eagerly turns them over.


The car ride to lunch is silent and it’s definitely a loaded silence. Mike can’t remember ever being so anxious in his life and it doesn’t help that Harvey looks as cool and composed as ever. Harvey spends what felt like years ignoring his existence and now they’re going out to lunch? What the hell?

They end up at some posh restaurant that Mike can’t even pronounce the name of, but the food is good and Mike somehow doesn’t actually feel terribly out of place. It’s nice but Mike is fairly sure that he’s never had a more awkward meal in his life. Harvey seems to be intently studying something over Mike’s left shoulder and Mike doesn’t know if he should speak or stay silent like a child who doesn’t speak until spoken to.

Harvey speaks before Mike is forced to decide, “You spoke to me every day even though I was in a coma.” It’s not a question. “Why?”

“Well…I just…” Mike’s fumbling over his words and he tries to think up a good excuse for something that has no excuse.

“Stop.” Harvey sounds sharp but when Mike looks up from his napkin to meet Harvey’s eyes, the other man looks tired. “Stop feeding me bullshit. I know you, I know every dirty secret you have. Except the one that has to do with me. Except this one.”

Harvey face is unreadable again but Mike can find tiredness in his eyes and suddenly he can’t believe he’d ever try to lie about this.

“Honestly, I don’t know what made me start. I guess I heard somewhere that when you talk to someone in a coma, they can hear you. I spent time with all the other patients on the floor and…I don’t know, you were just the attractive guy in room 2453 and you never had any visitors and…I just started talking to you one day and then I never stopped.”

“You told me everything.” Mike feels a little panic hearing that and his stomach is flying.

“Everything? You remember all of it?”

“Jesus kid, you told me your entire life. Anything and everything. You told me about Jenny and Trevor, and your jobs.” Harvey looks a little pained now and his last words come out quietly. “You even told me about your parents.”

Mike knows he told Harvey about what happened to his parents. It’s something he tells very few people but he’d told Harvey. He’s not sure what that says about him.

“I never thought we’d meet. I never thought I’d know you.”

“You spent months telling me everything about yourself and then I woke up and you lied. You lied Michael and I don’t even understand why.”

“How was I just supposed to explain that you thought you knew me because I talked to you while you were in a coma? You weren’t anything like I expected and—God what did you want me to say? I just panicked.”

Harvey doesn’t look impressed at all, Mike doesn’t blame him. It’s a shitty excuse, but it’s the truth.

“So you lied?”

Mike’s getting upset now. Sure he lied and he fucked everything up, but what else is he supposed to say. Harvey’s made it very clear that it’s too late.

“What the fuck Harvey? I’m sorry. I lied and I fucked it all up but you’re just so you. You sit there like a fucking god and I’m supposed to explain how I had quality bonding time with your unconscious body?!”

And then Harvey is up out of his seat with a hand on Mike’s bicep, pulling him up.

“We’re going.” Harvey’s frustrated and as usual, Mike has no idea what’s happening.

It isn’t until they get in the town car headed to nowhere that Harvey attacks.

He actually attacks Mike.

There’s limbs and teeth and bodies everywhere and it takes Mike a few minutes to realize they’re kissing. Then it takes another minute not to explode at that realization. Holy fuck, they’re kissing.

Harvey has him pinned on the leather bench seat with a leg between Mike’s thighs and his tongue in Mike’s mouth. Mike can’t help but rub up against Harvey’s leg and he groans. Goodgoodgood.

Then Mike’s brain remembers how to function. He tugs on Harvey’s hair and pulls them apart.

“What the fuck?”

Harvey smirks down at him and laughs. He actually fucking laughs.

“What is going on? Weren’t you furious about the hospital like three and a half minutes ago?’

“You’re an idiot, Mike.”

Mike wants to kiss him. So badly. So he does. It’s slow and wet and insanely hot. But Mike still remembers to pull away at the end.

“Seriously Harvey, what’s going on?”

“Well I think we were on the way to me fucking you as soon as we get in the elevator, but if you aren’t a fan of that plan…I’m open to suggestions.”

Harvey is so damn smug and Mike has a little trouble swallowing.

“No—umm no I think that sounds good.” Harvey laughs again and Mike thinks they’ve slipped into some alternate universe where he has sex with his boss who actually laughs.


Harvey doesn’t actually get to fuck Mike in the elevator but he does stand behind him, biting into Mike’s neck and pumping the Mike’s dick until he’s come all over the glass wall.

When Mike wakes up in the middle of the night butt-naked and wondering where the hell he is, Harvey tells him to shut the fuck up and go back to sleep. Mike hasn’t been happier in a long time and that thought alone makes me feel like a mushy idiot. He smiles to himself.

The next time Mike wakes, it’s daylight and Harvey missing. So are Mike’s clothes. So he wanders to the kitchen where he finds Harvey shirtless and making omelets. Harvey’s hair is a disaster and he’s never looked better.

Mike isn’t sure what to expect , but Harvey kisses him and orders him to go make coffee. Mike doesn’t mind at all.

Mike doesn’t bring it up until after breakfast when they’re still sitting around lazily with coffee.

“So the thing about the hospital…?”

“I don’t care if you have a kink about talking to unconscious people. Just don’t fucking lie.” It’s a growl and Mike desperately wants to push Harvey up against the counter.

Harvey beats him to it so that when Mike mumbles “I think I can manage that” most of the words get lost between their mouths.

“I don’t actually have a kink about that though…I don’t! I swear!”


A/N: Let me start this off by saying this: I AM SO SORRY THAT I AM SUCH A SLACKER. Okay, now that we’ve covered that. Here it is. All finished! I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have. I’m really proud of myself for this and it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written. To most writers, my word count is nothing at all, but for me it’s still a major accomplishment and I’m so glad I finished this. :D

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