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Title: take your time cause you’re up against space (3/?)

Author: [livejournal.com profile] emmajane14

Rating: PG

Fandom/Pairing: Suits, Harvey/Mike

Summary: Harvey Specter has always hated hospitals.

Harvey Specter has always hated hospitals. Ever since he was young, he’s always taken as many steps as possible to avoid their cluttered hallways, bleach smells and nurses who seem to lack concern for their patients.

He hasn’t spent more than an hour in hospital since he was nine and broke his arm. Until now.

Harvey knows what a coma is. He knows what an MVA stands for. He knows the likelihood of sustaining brain damage during one and he knows what legal tactics to use in order to receive sufficient compensation for an afflicted party. What he can’t understand, is how these things apply to him.

He understands just fine when a nurse with a kind voice explains the accident to him. He understands when Donna and his brother tell him three and a half months. His brain interprets the words thrown at him into meanings. He gets it. He really does.

But him? Harvey Specter in a coma for over three months? Bullshit.

Things like this don’t happen to people like him. How could he have missed so much time? But he did and it stares him in the face every time he reads the paper.

He learns from Jessica that when he’s ready, he still has a job. And then she proceeds to strictly explain that ‘when he is ready’ is not when he decides, but when the doctors decide. But Harvey doesn’t argue with her because he’s too busy trying to figure out the quickest way possible out of the hospital. Even if he’s still a little disbelieving about his coma, he wants out. Now.

When Mike Ross interrupts his reading to collect the garbage, things only get more complicated for Harvey. The younger man is rather attractive for a janitor, and Harvey still can’t figure out what they’re connection is.

When he asks Mike, the man lies. And poorly at that. But that only interests Harvey more. Donna and his brother don’t know Mike and neither do any of the several people that visit his in the coming week.

So he knows a janitor that he can’t remember and no one else has ever seen?

But he’s Harvey Specter dammit and even if he’s still stuck in a hospital, he isn’t just going to do nothing. When Mike hums while working, Harvey wants to jump out of his bed and point at the man. ‘You! What is that humming nonsense? Where have I heard that before?’

But he doesn’t. Instead, he quietly asks Donna for anything she can find on a “Mike Ross” who works as a janitor at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt. She quirks her eyebrows at him and Harvey is sure that if he wasn’t still in a hospital bed, she would make some comment about stalking.


The first time the nurses make Harvey walk is when everything comes together.

His whole body is sluggish and even though all his muscles seem to be working, they feel awkward from lack of use. Each leg feels so heavy. His arms hang uncomfortably at his sides and his balance is embarrassingly poor. When he finally finishes his lap around the nurse’s station under Lucy’s watchful eye, he’s exhausted. It hits him like a freight train.

He really was in a coma for under three months. He really is lucky to be alive.

Harvey is put in physical therapy with an older male doctor who always seems to aggravate him. ‘Yes, I’ve been doing my exercises. Yes, this is difficult. Yes, I’m still exhausted every time you force me to do stupid things.’

But progress is being made even if Harvey finds it to be far too slow. He longs for his treadmill and his gym. His body may be ready to try stairs, but his brain is ready for a marathon.

As someone who has had things his way for most of his life, Harvey is less than pleased.

Things get a little better a week later when Harvey has his first real conversation with Mike Ross.

It’s short and not particularly meaningful but it’s a step in the right direction. Harvey isn’t sure what direction that is exactly, but when he finally finds it, he intends to act as though that was his plan all along, thank you very much.

They talk about his physical therapy and the weather. It’s a little awkward at first but Mike smiles at Harvey and he feels a blindsided. Harvey doesn’t bring up the humming or Mike’s lie, but smiles when Mike almost drops garbage all over the floor. Mike flushes and fumbles a little and Harvey wonders just how young is considered “too young.”

Harvey and Mike talk more and more each day and when Mike sees him making his usual rounds up and down the hallways, leg muscles stronger each day, the younger man stops and jokes with him, smiling all the while. It still seems like Mike comes to Harvey’s room last, and Harvey wonders why that is.

Not soon enough, a male doctor with a blank face and steady hands lets Harvey know when he can be released. Donna and Jessica visit soon after the news and Harvey wonders if they traveled together from the office. He hopes that Louis hasn’t touched his office.

Jessica throws words at him about no long hours and not overworking himself and Harvey ignores most of it. Donna just watches him and tells him that if he does anything too stupid, she’ll quit. That’s more of a threat than any Jessica could ever offer.

Finally. He can be back in his apartment soon, back in his office. Back to pushing Jessica’s limits and driving Louis crazy.

And then Harvey’s gathering his belongings from room 2453 and god it’s nice to be back in his own clothes. Ray is on the way to take him back to his apartment when Mike comes in to clean and Harvey has a rare moment of panic.

Harvey is leaving the hospital. Mike works at the hospital. And then Harvey does something that he later deems the best and worst decision of his life.

“Mike, what do you know about law?”


Date: 2012-01-24 09:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xi-xue-gui.livejournal.com
Awesome! Super excited to see what happens next between these two.

Date: 2012-01-24 09:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] emmajane14.livejournal.com
Thanks so much!


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